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  • Christmaths Day #4 | Map Santa's Journey

    By Ria, 7 December 2017.  Posted in Primary

    With Christmas Eve just around the corner Santa and his reindeer are getting ready to deliver presents around the World. We’re helping Santa out with today’s Christmaths activity which gets your students map out the co-ordinates for Santa’s journey on...

    Christmaths Day #3 | Festive Bar Modelling

    By Ria, 6 December 2017.  Posted in Primary

    Re-introduce your students to some of Bar Modelling principles with today’s Christmaths themed activity! Our Christmaths themed worksheet is perfect for Key Stage 1 students to really hone their skills, and a good chance to revisit some of the Bar...

    Christmaths Day #2 | Reflective Christmas Stars

    By Ria, 5 December 2017.  Posted in Primary

    What Christmas tree would be complete without a bright, shining star sat on top of it? Today’s Christmaths activity is not only a great chance to get your class to practise their reflection work and revisit lessons and homeworks on...

    Christmaths Day #1 | A Festive Paper Chain Challenge

    By Ria, 4 December 2017.  Posted in Primary

    Welcome to Christmaths! The first of our Christmas themed activities is sure to make your classroom feel extra festive. Paper chains are a Christmas staple, but have you ever thought about the maths behind them? Download this paper chains worksheet...

    Christmaths is back!

    By Ria, 1 December 2017.  Posted in Primary

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmaths here at MyMaths! We’re spreading the Christmaths joy this December and have a few festive treats lined up for you. Every weekday between today and the 15th December, we’ll be releasing a...