New games and activities added to Primary MyMaths

We know that many children enjoy playing MyMaths games, so we’re delighted to announce that four new ‘colour by numbers’ games have been added to Primary MyMaths.

These games focus on core addition and subtraction objectives from the Key Stage 1 curriculum.

In Colour by numbers: adding within 10 and Colour by numbers: subtracting within 10, children practise working out or recalling addition and subtraction facts within 10.

In Colour by numbers: adding within 100 and Colour by numbers: subtracting within 100, children practise working out calculations within 100 using a range of strategies.

The games feature fun new designs to encourage children to play them again and again, developing their fluency and consolidating these important skills.

Partially completed colour by numbers game showing a dinosaur design labelled with addition calculations involving one-digit and two-digit numbers

One of the new ‘colour by numbers’ designs. Work out the answers and use the key to colour in the picture

If your children need more granular practice, try one of our single-page activities!

We have added 32 new activities which focus on specific, narrow objectives including:

  • Adding and/or subtracting within 10
  • Adding and/or subtracting across 10
  • Adding three one-digit numbers
  • Adding and subtracting with a 2-digit number and ones or tens
  • Adding two 2-digit numbers with and/or without an exchange
  • Subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number with and/or without an exchange
  • Adding and subtracting with a 3-digit number and ones, tens and/or hundreds
  • Adding and subtracting with a 4-digit number and ones, tens, hundreds and/or thousands
  • Finding missing numbers in calculations by partitioning 2-digit, 3-digit or 4-digit numbers in different ways

Partially completed loop card activity showing a question on adding two 2-digit numbers

Use this loop card activity to practise adding two 2-digit numbers by partitioning, without an exchange

Find them in the Activities section, which you can access from the left-hand menu before you log into the Teacher Dashboard.

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