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Impact study

Saving teachers’ time

With teacher workload a concern at all levels of the education sector, Oxford University Press undertook an impact study* to find out the extent in which MyMaths saves teachers time in Primary and Secondary schools in England.

The impact study found substantial evidence to suggest that primary and secondary school teachers are able to save a significant amount of time using MyMaths. Key findings included:

  • MyMaths can save teachers up to 5 hours* per week.
  • 100% of teachers saw a time-saving benefit from MyMaths, with most seeing a reduction in time planning and marking homework.
  • The majority of teachers agreed that this time saving allowed them to spend more time on interventions, one-to-one teaching and other tasks.

Download the summary report (PDF, 0.3MB)

What teachers say

Revisiting the MyMaths lessons is helping our pupils to improve their final scores, and they are enjoying the rapid feedback of the automatic marking. Shelley Fisher, Headteacher at Arksey Primary School

Your assessment and pupil tracking system is easy to set up and use and very flexible – allowing teacher overwrite on scores is invaluable and not available on other platforms. James Davis, Head of Mathematics at Newstead Wood Grammar School

"It's pretty hard to beat really […] There's not another package like it for the price that it's offered at. I'm a big big fan and will be using again and again." Connor McKenna, Teacher at Ralph Allen School

The lessons unfold beautifully into the next step you would want to cover in an actual lesson, and the children get it as well. I think you can tell that it’s been written by teachers. Anne Nadel, Head Teacher at West London Tutoring

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