New worksheets for KS1: aligned to White Rose

If you’re using the White Rose schemes of learning for Year 1 or Year 2, you’ll soon be starting to teach Block 2 of Autumn Term.

You might have seen that earlier this term, we released a second set of KS1 worksheets, aligned to the small steps for this block.

This release includes 5 worksheets covering the block ‘Addition and subtraction (within 10)’ from Year 1 and 5 worksheets covering the block ‘Addition and subtraction’ from Year 2.

Each page in the worksheets has been mapped to a small step from the White Rose v3.0 schemes of learning. The topic sequencing is designed to make the worksheets suitable for homework as well as end-of-block review, so you can use them in the way that suits you best.

The image shows the calculations 8 + 3 and 9 + 5. Above each calculation is a number line marked with an arrow from the first addend to 10 and another arrow from 10 to the sum. The pupil must label each arrow to show the amount that makes 10 and the amount that makes the second addend, then complete the calculation to fill in the sum.

This page from a Year 2 worksheet covers the topic of adding by making 10, using a number line for support.

The image shows a list of worksheet tasks in the Booster packs area. The task selected is “Addition and subtraction worksheet 2B” and the task description shown is “Adding by making 10, adding three 1-digit numbers, adding to the next ten, and adding across a ten, within 100 (steps 6-9 of this White Rose block).”

Each task description includes details of the granular topics and specific small steps covered by the worksheet.

These worksheets are supported by our read aloud feature so that children who aren’t yet confident readers can have the questions read out to them.

You can find the new worksheets in the Booster packs area of the site; look for ‘WR’ in the booster pack title.

We’d love to hear what you think of these new worksheets – if you have any feedback for us, please let us know at