Lessons now assignable on MyMaths

The team at MyMaths are delighted to announce that lessons can now be assigned to students.

Homework tasks and lessons are at the heart of MyMaths. You have told us how much you value the assignable homework tasks, but you have also told us how useful it would be to just set the lesson by itself.

A view of the MyMaths Teacher Dashboard with the ‘set lesson’ button highlighted and the allocation menu open to show all the maths topic areas where lessons are available.

Lessons can be set from the Allocation area of the Teacher Dashboard.

To assign a lesson, simply login to the Teacher Dashboard, go to the Allocation area and select ‘Set lesson’. From here, you can choose the lesson you want to set, modify the list of students you want to assign it to, and update the start and due dates – just as you would when setting homework. You can also leave an optional message, such as mentioning a particular chapter or section within the lesson that you want your students to complete or pay attention to.

Set lessons appear in students’ portals. When they have finished, they simply hit the ‘I’ve finished’ button to mark the lesson as completed.

The MyMaths lessons contain a wealth of material and diverse resources to help students learn. From game-like activities to PowerPoint-style interactive walkthroughs – there’s something for every learner; regardless of whether they are accessing the resources independently or following a lesson in class.

Our updates are informed by feedback from our users, and we hope that you find this new feature useful and that it enhances both your and your students’ MyMaths experience.

We’d love to hear what you and your students think and how we can further improve the set lesson functionality and MyMaths in general – if you have any feedback for us, please let us know at: mail@mymaths.co.uk.