New videos available on MyMaths

The team at MyMaths are delighted to release the fourth in a planned series of video releases to the platform!

We regularly conduct surveys of teachers using MyMaths to ask what it is you’d like us to add to the site to improve the offering for students.

You’ve told us that you’d like to see more videos on the site, and so we’ve started a process of making short videos that complement the learning within MyMaths lessons.

In January, March and May we released a number of videos to the site, and we are pleased to announce the release of over 50 new videos across key topics in KS3 and upper KS2. To find the videos in the Library, you can use the ‘Video support’ filter in the relevant strand, e.g. Number.

This will show all lesson and homework pairs that have videos to support them.

A view of the MyMaths Library, open in the Number strand, displaying an expanded view of the lesson, homework and video support available for a lesson called ‘Adding subtracting fractions’

Video support can be accessed from the Library view of resources.

For students looking to access video support from within a homework task, they’ll be able to do this wherever they see a ‘Video help’ button

A MyMaths homework page containing the ‘Video help’ feature, which is accessed from the top-right of the page, to the left of the ‘Menu’ option.

Students can access video support from within the homework task.

Where relevant, students will be able to decide if they want to watch a video that is specifically tailored to the homework question they’re tackling or if they want more general support on the topic.

A MyMaths homework page with an expanded view of the ‘Video help’ feature, showing five different video options: one video for Q1 of the homework, one video for Q2 of the homework, and three related videos

Students can access video support that is specific to the homework question they are answering, or support that is more general to the topic.

We will continue to make and add videos to the site - look out for updates on future releases!

We’d love to hear what you and your students think of the new video support and how we can further improve it – if you have any feedback for us, please let us know at: