New lessons and homework tasks on Primary MyMaths

We are delighted to announce the release of four new pairs of matching lesson and homework tasks on Primary MyMaths!

While designing these resources, we have considered and reviewed a wide variety of feedback from teachers on the scope, difficulty, differentiation, and accessibility of our content.

These new resources take a more granular “small steps” approach. Each lesson and homework pair targets a narrow set of learning objectives from the same unit of work.

The new lesson and homework pairs cover the following topics in lower Key Stage 2:

  • Perimeter on a grid
  • Measuring perimeter
  • Perimeter of a rectangle
  • Calculating perimeter

The lessons encourage children to reason mathematically and reflect on the methods they are using.

A lesson page showing a square with all sides labelled 2 cm. Text reads: We can find the perimeter of a shape by adding the lengths of all its sides. Can you think of another way to work out the perimeter?

This lesson page prompts children to realise that when all the sides of a polygon are the same length, we can use multiplication to calculate the perimeter.

The questions in the homework task are pitched such that any child who is secure with the concepts can achieve success on both question pages.

A homework page showing rectilinear shapes drawn on a grid. The child is asked to find the perimeter of each shape.

In the homework task on Perimeter on a grid, children find the perimeter of rectangles on the first page before tackling a mixture of rectilinear shapes on the second page.

Look out for the new lesson and homework pairs in the Library within each curriculum view.

We look forward to adding more “small steps” content to Primary MyMaths next term.

Which topics would be most useful to you? If you have any feedback for us, please let us know at