New lessons and homework tasks on Secondary MyMaths

We are delighted to announce the release of 11 new pairs of matching lesson and homework tasks on Secondary MyMaths!

Last term we published new “small steps” lesson/homework pairs on Circles. These resources were designed with feedback from teachers on the scope, difficulty, differentiation, and accessibility of our content.

We have recently expanded the Secondary “small steps” offering by publishing 11 new pairs covering volume of 3D shapes at Key Stage 3 and 4.

A lesson page showing a cone inside a cylinder and formulae for the volume.

One of the pages from a new lesson, showing the relationship between the volume of a cylinder and volume of a cone.

The new lesson/homework pairs cover the following topics:

  • Volume of cuboids and cubes
  • Using the volume of cuboids
  • Volume of composite shapes made from cuboids
  • Volume of prisms
  • Volume of cylinders
  • Volume of spheres
  • Using the volume of spheres
  • Volume of pyramids
  • Volume of cones
  • Volume of conical frustums
  • Volume of composite shapes

Find them in the ‘Latest’ or ‘Shape’ sections of the Library in the Classic MyMaths view.

A homework page showing two cuboids with some dimensions and their volumes labelled. Text prompts the user to calculate the missing dimension of each cuboid.

A page from the homework task on using the volume of a cuboid.

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