New KS3 Booster: aligned to White Rose Y7 autumn term

Are you using the White Rose schemes of learning? We are delighted to announce the release of a new KS3 booster pack on Secondary MyMaths, which is aligned with the White Rose curriculum.

We have worked with teachers who have extensive experience of using the White Rose schemes of learning to design these worksheets. All the small steps in the curriculum are covered to ensure that students can practice every key skill.

A worksheet page showing two number lines. Students drag the values to the correct positions on the first number line, and find the values of the numbers indicated by the arrows on the second number line.

One of the pages from a new worksheet, asking questions about representing tenths and hundredths on number lines with MyMaths interactive features.

A worksheet page showing a set of questions about making sequences from diagrams. Students can draw the pattern of term 4 before answering the questions about the numbers of squares in different diagrams.

A page from a developing worksheet showing extra scaffolding that helps students solve problems about making sequences from diagrams.

We have initially released 25 new worksheets. These worksheets cover all 5 blocks of the year 7 autumn term of the White Rose schemes of learning:

  • Sequences
  • Understand and use algebraic notation
  • Equality and equivalence
  • Place value and ordering integers & decimals
  • Fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence

To access the new booster pack, select the Classic MyMaths, Middle school (England) or KS3 (England) curriculum views, and you will find it under the Revision and Assessment area – it’s called ‘WR booster pack: Y7 Autumn’.

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