Using MyMaths to teach the new Curriculum for Wales in Year 7 from September 2022

If you’re teaching in Wales, MyMaths has support to help you plan and deliver your new curriculum for first teaching in 2022.

Mapping charts are now available

New mapping charts offer an overview of how the Secondary MyMaths resources address the descriptions of learning in Progression steps 3 and 4 in the new Curriculum for Wales.

Mappings are included for Progression step 3 in order to help you place the available resources in the wider context of learners’ progression as you design the curriculum for your school.

Mappings for Progression step 5 will be added in 2022 to support planning for the rollout of the new curriculum in Years 8-11 in September 2023-2026.

View and download these mapping charts here.

A new view has been added in the Curriculum Selector

You may have noticed that a new “Curriculum for Wales (from 2022)” view is now available in the Curriculum Selector.

This new view presents the Secondary MyMaths resources matched to the progression steps in the new curriculum.

Currently, this view contains all the lessons, homeworks, games, activities and teacher tools for Progression step 4 and below, plus the Times Tables booster pack. More booster packs for Progression step 4 and resources for Progression step 5 will be added in 2022.

Select this view using the dropdown on the left-hand side of your screen when you log into MyMaths. Use it to browse resources as you plan your teaching for the next academic year.

The “Curriculum for Wales” view, matched to the current curriculum, remains available and should continue to be used for teaching in 2021-2022.

View and download the mapping charts for the new curriculum

Read guidance on using the Curriculum Selector