Improvements to the Results view of the Teacher Dashboard

You may have noticed that we recently made improvements to the Results view of the Teacher Dashboard.

Results view: improved date filtering

From talking to teachers and reading your feedback in our most recent surveys, we know that you wanted changes to the results filter.

A common piece of feedback was that teachers wanted to identify only those tasks and results from within a specific time period, such as last week or last term.

Previously, teachers were only able to filter results by a set of limited date ranges that always went up to and including “today”. This meant that teachers were not able to filter for the results of tasks completed one week or a term ago.

As a result of this feedback, new ‘from’ and ‘to’ date filters have now been added to the Results view within the Teacher Dashboard.

We hope you find this greater flexibility helpful in your results analysis and reporting!

Improvements to the Results view of the Teacher Dashboard

You can now filter results within any date range

Individual student results view: red-amber-green colour coding

Teachers have also been telling us that they want to quickly establish how an individual student has performed in the various tasks they’ve completed.

To make the teacher’s view of individual student results consistent with the class overview, red-amber-green colour coding has been introduced. This now quickly conveys how well a student has performed in each task they’ve completed.

Improvements to the Results view of the Teacher Dashboard

The new red-amber-green colour coding allows you to quickly see how an individual student is scoring in their assigned tasks

Thank you to all the teachers who have completed our recent surveys to inform the latest updates to the MyMaths platform!

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