New GCSE Booster: covering grades 1 and 2

Are your students preparing for their GCSEs? We know that this year comes with extra challenges, so we have created a new booster pack to support GCSE students with their revision.

The new booster pack is aimed at building students’ confidence in tackling Foundation GCSE papers, and focuses on developing fluency in one and two mark exam questions.

The content is particularly designed to work effectively on smartphones to make sure your students can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

We have initially released 27 new online worksheets in the booster pack, and will release more over the course of this term. They are arranged under nine topics, with three worksheets for each topic. There is finely tuned progression between each worksheet in a particular topic to help improve your students’ confidence in that area as they work through them.

To access the new booster pack, select either the Classic MyMaths or GCSE 9-1 (England) curriculum views, and you’ll find it under the Revision and Assessment area – it’s called ‘GCSE booster pack: grades 1 and 2’.

New GCSE Booster: covering grades 1 and 2

Example question from the first Angles worksheet in the new GCSE booster pack. As students work through the worksheets in a topic, the questions increase in complexity.

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