Boost your students’ GCSE revision

Set your students up to succeed with targeted GCSE revision and support on MyMaths.

The MyMaths GCSE booster packs are full of revision lessons, homeworks and worksheets to help students both improve their initial understanding of concepts and revise key skills. The worksheets in particular allow students to try out exam style questions

Students can use the revision lessons to check their initial understanding, revise and practise key skills and get hints on exam-style questions. The online worksheets test understanding and help student and teacher alike see where more help is needed. Booster packs for the new GCSE can be found in Classic MyMaths or GCSE exams 2017, 2018, … and are available for GCSE Grades 4 - 9

Equations lesson

Try out one of the Equations - Brackets lesson from the GCSE Grade 4-5 Booster pack with your class.

You can assign these packs to individual students or a whole class in the Assessment Manager by allocating “all worksheets”, allowing you to track results. Just search for ‘GCSE Booster Packs’ or visit the dedicated Revision and Assessment area in MyMaths.

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