Further support for Further Maths

We are excited to announce the release of 19 brand new lessons to support Further Maths students studying the key topics of complex numbers, matrices and transformations.

The lessons cover the concepts and skills required at AS level and will also be useful for other students needing a grounding in these topics.

Try out our Introducing Complex Numbers lesson below with your class.

Secondary MyMaths introducing complex numbers lesson sample

You can find these lessons in the Further Maths support area of Classic MyMaths, or by searching for any of the lesson titles below.

Complex numbers

  • Introducing complex numbers
  • Calculations with complex numbers
  • Complex numbers: Complex roots of polynomial equations
  • Complex numbers: Equations with complex numbers
  • Complex numbers: Argand diagrams 1
  • Further Pure: Complex numbers: Argand diagrams 2
  • Complex numbers: Loci in the complex plane


  • Matrices: Introduction to matrices
  • Matrices: Multiplying matrices
  • Matrices: Working with bigger matrices
  • Matrices: Inverse of a 2 x 2 matrix
  • Matrices: Inverse of a 3 x 3 matrix
  • Matrices: Simultaneous equations


  • Transformations: Reflection and rotation
  • Transformations: Enlargement
  • Transformations: Stretch
  • Transformations: Shear
  • Transformations: Translation
  • Transformations: Combinations of transformations