New lessons for GCSE Statistics

We have recently added four new lessons to the Statistics GCSE area for Secondary MyMaths users.

Remember MyMaths offers a complete course for Statistics GCSE. The new lessons complement the existing coverage to ensure all the topics in the 9-1 specification are available.

The lessons cover:

Regression: using the equation of the regression line to draw a line of best fit; using the regression line to make predictions; interpreting the gradient and intercept.

Product moment correlation coefficient: interpreting the product moment correlation coefficient; understanding the difference between the product moment correlation coefficient and Spearman’s rank.

Skew 1: understanding positive and negative skew; determining the skew from a graph or chart; comparing mean and median to find the skew; using median and quartiles to find the skew.

Skew 2: finding the value of skew using the formula; interpreting skew.

You can find these lessons in the “Latest!” section of Statistics GCSE in Classic MyMaths.