Updates for Secondary MyMaths users

We’ve made a number of updates for Secondary MyMaths users to help you navigate straight to the content you need and help facilitate independent study.

  • Our Booster Packs have now moved to a new Revision and Assessment area in the Library. Help your students to choose an appropriate booster pack from this area, then encourage them to use the worksheets throughout the year to test their understanding and recall of the work they have covered. They can also use the revision lessons to revise any topics they are not sure about ahead of key exams.

  • The A Level menu on Classic MyMaths has now been updated to bring it in line with the new specifications. We’ve also added a Further Maths support section where you can find familiar favourites like Decision maths, vectors and discrete probability distributions.

  • Legacy GCSE Booster Packs have now been moved to the ‘Archive’ section of the Library. You can find our Booster Packs for the GCSE 9-1 specification in the new Revision and Assessment area.

Don’t forget! If students log in to My Portal before completing tasks, their results appear in the Assessment Manager. Here you can get an overview of how their independent study is progressing, to enable you to offer the right support and encouragement for each student.