New Key Stage 1 Activities

We just released 10 new lessons and matching homework activities for Primary MyMaths users, 7 of which are specifically tailored to objectives for Key Stage 1 in the Primary National Curriculum Programme of Study.

Each homework gives you the option to assess your children’s understanding of these aspects of the National Curriculum, whilst the accompanying lessons are always available to help pupils reinforce their understanding or if they need the opportunity to build their fluency.

The new content covers the following topics:

  • Introducing number and place value
  • Number and place value
  • Multiplication introduction
  • Division introduction
  • Block charts
  • Pictograms
  • Tally charts
  • Line graphs
  • Fraction and decimal equivalents
  • Parts of a circle

You can find these in the ‘latest’ section on MyMaths. You can also find additional details about what is covered in each activity here.