Christmaths Day #10 | Shimmering Snowflakes

We’re wrapping up Christmaths and dreaming of a white Christmas with today’s activity!

Today’s Christmaths activity is perfect for a festive Friday afternoon. Use the templates on this worksheet to cut out some symmetrical snowflakes. Can your class then work out how many lines of symmetry each snowflake has?

And once they’ve finished our designs, get them to create their own with the plain templates on the second sheet - don’t forget to tweet us your creations @MyMathsUK!

There are plenty of resources on symmetry available on MyMaths to practise. You can find them in the Shape section.

Download both a colour and black and white version of the worksheet.

And that’s all for another year of Christmaths. Catch up on all of our posts on the MyMaths news feed and let us know if you use any of our fun festive activities @MyMathsUK!