Christmaths Day #1 | A Festive Paper Chain Challenge

Welcome to Christmaths!

The first of our Christmas themed activities is sure to make your classroom feel extra festive.

Paper chains are a Christmas staple, but have you ever thought about the maths behind them? Download this paper chains worksheet and get your class thinking about the maths behind their decorations.

This activity is great for all ages, but provides particularly good practice of circles. Don’t forget to revisit the lessons and resources in the Shape section on MyMaths if anyone needs some hints.

Questions a little tricky for your younger pupils? Not to worry - why not challenge them to see who can make the longest chain?

Download both a colour and black and white versions.

Don’t forget to tweet @MyMathsUK your paper creations and keep an eye out for more festive content over the next two weeks on the #Christmaths hashtag!