MyMaths Summer Activities

Ensure students are still engaging their mathematical brains even when the sun is shining. Here are some top tips for injecting some Summer fun into your last few lessons before the holidays.

Get measuring

Utilise our latest Key Stage 1 measurement content on MyMaths by getting your class countdown the amount of time until the Summer holidays. Build their fluency by having them compare how close or far away trips away are or have them plan their dream holiday schedule using measurements of time.

Get outside

This is the perfect time of year to bring maths out into the great outdoors. Test out geometry skills by identifying shapes you find in the playground, set up a treasure hunt challenge to help students practice using coordinates to find fun prizes, or have them create elaborate sandcastle structures from fractions.

Get gaming

If the sun isn’t shining where you are, challenge your class to reach the daily leader boards of any of our online MyMaths games such as Pi-Fighter, Escape or Snakey Sums. Make sure you tweet @MyMathsUK if you end up on the All Time Top Scores too.

Get celebrating

Don’t forget to reward your students for working so hard this year. Download our Primary MyMaths certificates and celebrate their achievements.

Make sure you share these tips with parents and guardians to keep maths alive whilst students are away from school too.