Important updates to MyMaths & Flash

MyMaths was created to offer teachers bespoke content that could be used to teach creative and engaging lessons. At the time, the best way to deliver content for this purpose was in Flash. However, as technology has developed we understand the need to move away from Flash in order to provide teachers, students, and parents with the best experience across all browsers.

In light of this - and in response to customer feedback - we have been working on improvements that will allow us to begin this move away from Flash.

We are now in a position to start updating the hundreds of pieces of content on MyMaths, so that they can be accessed without the need of Flash. Due to the bespoke nature and volume of this content, these changes will be made gradually and the work will be ongoing throughout the summer holidays and the next academic year. We know our homework tasks are some of the most frequently accessed pieces of content on our site, so we will initially work to update these as a priority. This will ensure MyMaths continues to provide you with the best possible experience no matter which of our supported browsers you use.

We are pleased to announce that 8 Homework tasks have recently been updated from Flash to HTML, and we will continue to regularly release updated content over the next few months. Our aim is to have a large proportion of all homework tasks updated to HTML by September. For an overview of the newly updated activities, visit our support site. Release notes will be provided here every time a new update has been made, so please do keep an eye on this for the most up to date information.

Once homework content has been updated, we will move onto updating lessons, followed by updating other content types, such as investigations. We have also used this as an opportunity to review other aspects of the content. As a result, these updates will include improvements to the precise mathematical vocabulary that features within MyMaths content as well as providing users with a new, fresher design that is easier for students to use. Whilst we continue to release content in its new format over the next few months, we recommend that you access MyMaths using a desktop PC or a laptop to ensure you have the most streamlined user experience when moving between resources.

For more information on our progress and timelines for delivery of content in future, visit our dedicated support page.

We will be updating this with each release, so please do keep an eye on this page for the most up-to-date information.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve MyMaths.