Make SATs revision fun at home

Preparing for SATs can be daunting, but we have a few ways that can help to make revision (dare we say it)… fun! Below are a few ideas for parents and pupils to help make revision more stimulating over the holidays:

Quick-fire rounds

Put your child’s mental maths to the test with some quick-fire questions. You can easily slot these into your everyday routine. Try a few while making breakfast, when out for a walk or in the car.

Get the family involved

Make it a team effort and challenge the family to learn a new thing each day, such a times table. This can help children feel supported.

Test the parents

Testing somebody else can be a really effective revision activity. Asking a child to come up with a list of questions and answers is a great way to test their understanding. Parents can then sit the test and ask their child to talk them through any questions they found hard, building the child’s confidence in the process.

Reward results

Children need an incentive every now and again, so reward results to keep them motivated. You could reward a good test result with a treat, or even create a quiz and go head-to-head with them for a prize!


And, of course, nothing says fun like the games on MyMaths! Below are a list of our favourites that are also perfect for SATs preparation:

  • Beat the clocks is a fantastic way to test mental arithmetic
  • Grid runner solo is a great game for practising times tables
  • Practice fractions, decimals and percentages with Tug of war
  • Astro count down offers great practice with all 4 operations to try and make a target number
  • Test understanding of sequences and percentages of amounts in Escape
  • The Skysolver games offer a range of practice from sums to 20 all the way through to calculating with formulae

We hope the revision goes well, and don’t forget to use all of the activities on MyMaths over the Easter break!