Additional A Level support from Oxford

From September 2017, new linear A Level Maths specifications will be introduced, and exams will have an increased emphasis on problem-solving and modelling.

You may have already seen our post announcing that we are currently working on updates to MyMaths to support schools with these changes. We also wanted to let you know about our new AQA and Edexcel A Level Maths courses from Oxford, both of which link directly with MyMaths to help you deliver the curriculum.

How do these courses work with MyMaths?

Both of these courses link directly to MyMaths, providing a quick route to extra support and practice.

The Student Books contain four digit codes at the bottom of each page. These can be typed into the search bar in MyMaths to bring up the relevant topic. The courses are also supported by Kerboodle, which links directly to the MyMaths Lessons and Online Homework, providing instant access to additional materials.

If you would like to find out more about the new courses, contact your local Educational Consultant.