On the 9th day of Christmaths...

… MyMaths gave to you…

a Christmas tree tessellation challenge!

A tessellation is series of shapes repeated again and again without any gaps and overlaps, creating a pattern of shapes over a surface area.

Regular tessellations are created using regular polygons such as triangles, squares or hexagons, but this is Christmaths! So we’re challenging you to create semi-regular tessellations using a combination of polygons to create a Christmas tree pattern over a surface area.

Build some of your own tree tessellation patterns by drawing out your Christmas tree patterns on graph paper and tweet us your results. We’ll also be tweeting our own tessellation efforts throughout the day @MyMathsUK to give you some ideas on how to use this is in your classes.

As an extra challenge why not get your students to create a tessellation sheet big enough to use as wrapping paper for their Christmas presents!

Join us tomorrow for the 10th day of Christmaths.