New end-of-year booster packs

We have created 4 new end-of-year booster packs for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 to help make sure that pupils achieve their potential. These packs contain 28 worksheets, which will help you see how confident your pupils are feeling with the end-of-year expectations of the national curriculum.

The packs also contain collections of lessons and homework activities that you can set to your class to make sure that pupils have a firm grasp of the main content for that year group.

You can choose to set individual tasks from the booster pack, all of the worksheets in one go or, to give your pupils a real challenge, you could set them the whole pack to work through.

For more information on assigning these resources, view our walkthrough. Don’t forget to visit our support site for more information on getting the most out of MyMaths.