Give KS3 students a confidence boost

Your Key Stage 3 students may be a little nervous about starting work towards their GCSEs. The thought of exams can be daunting (for students and teachers!), but the move up doesn’t need to be scary - in fact, students may find that they’ve covered parts of the GCSE syllabus already!

Encourage your students to log into their student portal and select the GCSE exams 2017 view in the Curriculum Selector. Here they will be able to see just how many tasks they have completed for topics included in the GCSE curriculum, which should help to allay fears about the future exams. Even if the marks are not as high as they would like, they’ve got two years to work to improve them!

The Curriculum Selector makes it simple to filter out resources for the GCSE exams, so students have clear visibility of the topics on which they will be tested. This allows them to log in at any time to revisit these topics and develop fluency.