Are you a #MyMathsMaster?

With the summer holidays on their way, we have a challenge to set your pupils to keep up the good work they’ve done this year.

We know how popular the games on MyMaths are, so we want to see how many of your pupils can get to the top of the leader boards. Can they top the daily leader board or, even better, reach the dizzying heights of the All Time Top Scores?

Don’t know what to play first? Here’s a list of the most played games this year:

  • Escape: Loved by Primary and Secondary pupils alike, this is a great way to practise sequences as you try to escape the clutches of the Jelly Men!
  • Snakey sums: A combination of two of our favourite things: Snake and times tables. Perfect practise for on-screen tests next year.
  • Gnome gname: Race around the garden to answer the addition questions. Great practice for your Year 1 pupils.
  • Pi-fighter: Think Space Invaders with Pi symbols! A fun way to practise mental arithmetic. Great fun for Year 3 and beyond.
  • Grid solo runner: Try and zap as many answers to the times table questions as you can in the time limit. Another great way to prepare for the times tables tests in 2017.

Whether you try out one of the above, or any of the other games on the site, let us know how your pupils are getting on using #MyMathsMaster on Twitter.

We’d also love to hear about your favourite games, so tweet us @MyMathsUK to let us know.

Good luck!