Let's investigate!

Do any of your pupils fancy being a secret agent? Or perhaps you have some green-fingered landscape gardeners in your midst?

If you haven’t already, take a look at the fSkills filter in the MyMaths Library, for a set of fun investigations that will keep your pupils engaged after the stress of SATs and exams. These provide real-life contexts that pupils can work on individually, in pairs or in small groups over the course of a few lessons. The investigations offer plenty of opportunities for discussion, as well as offering extension tasks. They are all supported by teacher’s notes which can be found in the Admin section of the Assessment Manager, underneath the information about your school’s subscription.

So your pupils can put their code-breaking skills to the test in ‘Secret Agent’, or design a brand new garden in ‘Landscape Gardener’. Alternatively, if any of your class have plans for the summer, they can prepare by planning a journey in the ‘Travel Plans’ investigation, or even work out how to install a swimming pool into their garden in ‘Swimming Pool’.

So what are you waiting for? Get investigating!