Highlight problem areas ahead of exams

As you revisit topics ahead of exams this term, understanding where students are having difficulty is crucial. Use the Results section of the Assessment Manager to download results and reports, and get a snapshot of your class’s progress.

To do this, simply click through to your class. Here you will see two buttons, one labelled Download results and another labelled Download reports.

Downloading results will download all of the results that you see on the screen in an excel spreadsheet, all colour coded to reflect your students’ marks. You can choose from two different layouts so that you can work in the way that suits you.

Downloading reports will download a PDF of your selected students’ results, as well as statistics on the number of attempts, marks per question within a task and each student’s individual rating of the tasks they have completed - a really useful way to gauge how students are feeling about particular topics.

If you would like to report on a Booster Pack that your class is working through, simply select Worksheets and the relevant Booster Pack from the filters to the left of the Results section and run your report.

Finally, you can download a summary of your students’ results. To the left of the screen, above the filters, you will find a tab labelled Summary. Click on this to view a summary of your class’s activity and progress across the different levels.

We hope you have a great term!