SATs revision over Easter

As the Easter holidays come early this year, you may be thinking of ways to keep your pupils engaged over the holidays, particularly with the SATs coming up next term. Here are a couple of ideas to keep them practising their maths at home.

Booster packs

Booster packs on MyMaths are revision modules, grouping together relevant activities and culminating in a number of worksheets to help embed everything that your pupils have learnt throughout the term. Log in to MyMaths and take a look at the various booster packs available.

It’s easy to allocate these packs to your pupils to keep them busy over the holidays. You can do this in the Allocation section of the Assessment Manager. When in the class screen, select Set Task. Select your curriculum and your chosen booster pack from the drop-down menus. To set all of the worksheets in the booster pack, choose All worksheets from the Select a topic… drop-down. Alternatively, you can choose to set All tasks. This will include all of the related homework tasks within that booster pack.

You can then use the Results section of the Assessment Manager to see a record of your pupils’ progress.


One of the best ways to keep pupils engaged with maths is to keep things fun, and we know how much pupils love the games on MyMaths. Some great games to improve mental arithmetic include:

  • Escape: always one of the most popular games on MyMaths, this is a great way to practise sequences as you try to escape the clutches of the Jelly Men!
  • Grid runner solo: try and zap the answers to the time table questions. How many questions can you answer in the time limit?
  • Astro count down: practise fractions, decimals and percentages as you race against the clock.

They are some of our favourites - what are yours?