Final year GCSE support

As the Easter holidays approach, you may be thinking about how to get your final year GCSE students revising over the break. Here are some hints and tips to help you and your students get the most of MyMaths this revision season.

Embed the theory

Revision can be daunting, and revisiting topics that you covered a while ago can be stressful. But the lesson and homework pairs on MyMaths allow students to revisit the theory via the lesson, before putting this theory into practice using the online homework.

What’s more, MyMaths uses random number generation, meaning that no two online homework attempts will be the same - so remind students to practise, practise, practise!

Find the resources you need

Your final year GCSE students will be sitting the last summer exams for the legacy curriculum. But rest assured that MyMaths can still fully support them - and the Curriculum Selector makes it even easier to find the resources they need.

The GCSE exams 2016 view in the Curriculum Selector only displays resources appropriate for the legacy curriculum. Use the Admin section of the Assessment Manager to set your class up to always see MyMaths in this view. From the class screen, choose which students, if not all, you would like to view the resources in this way, and click Set Curriculum. Choose GCSE exams 2016 from the drop-down and click Confirm. This means that whenever one of these students logs in to the portal, they will always view the MyMaths resources that will support them with their exam preparation.

Booster packs

Booster packs are revision modules that students can work through to boost them up to the next grade. Each topic has a revision lesson which helps students prepare for a final worksheet where they can put what they have learnt into practice. The available packs are D2C, C2B, and A2A*, so you can choose the most appropriate target for your students.

You can assign booster packs to your students from the Allocation section of the Assessment Manager. From the class screen, click Set task. Choose GCSE exams 2016 and the correct booster pack from the drop-down. Under Select a topic… choose All worksheets then click Set. If you prefer, you can set All tasks which will include the related homeworks as well - something for your class to get their teeth into at home!

Don’t forget…

We will be releasing updated booster packs to support your current Year 10 students through the new 9-1 curriculum when they move into their final GCSE year. Keep an eye on this news feed for more information on this update.