MyMaths - not just for maths students!

Maths is integral to many subjects, and this is reflected in the increase in maths content in the new GCSE and A Level curricula for Science and Psychology.

The lesson and homework pairs in MyMaths are a great way for students to learn and embed theory. Using MyMaths in other departments will give students the opportunity to apply mathematical concepts to different contexts, meaning that they are better equipped not just to sit their Maths exams, but their Science and Psychology ones too!

Did you know…

Oxford University Press have recently released new courses on Kerboode:

In addition to the maths support available in these courses, each of them also contains direct links to MyMaths.

Science and Psychology departments can easily create their own classes on MyMaths, making is easy to distinguish between groups. What’s more, students can be a member of more than one class, so you won’t have to worry about setting them up with numerous logins. This can all be organised within the Administrator section of the Assessment Manager.

So next time you’re in the staff room, make sure to speak to your Science and Psychology colleagues to see if they could benefit from this extra resource in their classroom. It’s just a simple case of sharing your school’s MyMaths login details with them!

As always, if you have any questions about your subscription, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.