New features on MyMaths

New features on MyMaths

We have updated MyMaths with the following features:

Ability to set multiple tasks at once

When you are setting a task, you will now see the option to either set your chosen task to your class, or “Set and continue”. Clicking “Set and continue” will set your selected task and allow you to set another without having to go back and select your students again.

Should you want to, you can now also use this allocation screen to set all homework tasks on a particular topic at once. Just select “All homeworks” from the final dropdown menu. You can now also use this feature to set a booster pack. Simply choose your booster pack, click on “All worksheets” then “Set”.

Downloading user details for all classes

Following your feedback, we have reinstated the ability to download details for all of your classes at once. Within the Administration section of the Assessment Manager, choose your classes using the tick boxes on the left hand side and select “Export selected class as spreadsheet”.

Toggle full screen button

In addition to this, there is now a new “Toggle full screen” button across the Assessment Manager, enabling you to view data grids more easily.

If you have any queries about these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us.