GCSE content update

We have now made the last of our current GCSE content updates to MyMaths, meaning that MyMaths can fully support you and your students through the new curriculum.

The following lessons and homeworks are now available:


We have added five new lessons and homeworks to the number section, covering Comparing quantities (Foundation), Error intervals (Foundation Higher), Estimating calculations (Higher) and two lessons on Percentages of amounts (Foundation).


There are seven new lessons and homeworks for Algebra. These cover Equation of a line (Foundation Higher), Properties of quadratics (Foundation Higher), Sketching quadratic graphs (Foundation Higher), Sketching cubic graphs (Foundation Higher), Iterative methods (Higher), Transforming graphs (Higher) and Tangents and chords or curves (Higher).

Ratio and proportion

Two new Foundation Higher tier lessons and homeworks, Coverting compound measures and Algebraic compound measures, have been added for Ratio and proportion.


The probability section will be updated with three new lessons and homeworks for Frequency trees (Foundation),Dependent events (Foundation Higher) and Conditional probability (Higher).

For more details on these new resources, and the rest of the GCSE resources on MyMaths, view our fully updated curriculum guide. This provides an overview of all of the new and updated resources, and also helps you to map existing resources to the new curriculum. You can also view the posts on the first and second content updates for more information.

You will also be able to use the updates below to support you through the new GCSE:

Curriculum selector

If you haven’t already, try out our new Curriculum Selector tool, which allows you to view MyMaths resources in line with your chosen curriculum. To view resources for the new GCSE curriculum, choose the GCSE exams 2017 view from the drop down. All of the new resources above will be available in this view.

Booster packs

We will be releasing updated booster packs next summer to support your year 10 students as they move into their final GCSE year. Your current year 11 students can continue to use the booster packs on MyMaths to aid their revision for final exams in 2016.

If you have any questions about your subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact us.