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Impact study

Saving teachers’ time

With teacher workload a concern at all levels of the education sector Oxford University Press undertook an impact study to find out to what extent MyMaths saves teachers time in Primary and Secondary schools in England.

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It’s super easy to get set up and use. Gordon primary case study

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Primary schools

I have found the interactive and super-clear explanations adding to my lessons. The fact that children can have immediate feedback and track their own progress is wonderful. It motivates the less able and offers real challenge to the high-flyers. Heyes Lane Junior School, Cheshire

MyMaths helps children achieve their full potential. Pupils find the site accessible and fun, and their motivation to improve results and progress through the resources, either using Booster packs to move up to the next level or simply hone certain skills to improve their scores, is astounding. Fantastic value for money, a far better option than photocopying endless worksheets, MyMaths offers genuine benefits to all aspects of teaching and learning. Lord Scudamore Primary School, Herefordshire

Pupils are able to use effective strategies independently. Glory Farm Primary School

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An invaluable resource. A unique product. We don’t know of anything else like it. The children love it and it’s really filled a gap. It’s raised the profile of maths in the school and the children are more enthused. They are also very keen to get homework on MyMaths. If we don’t set it on MyMaths, they ask us ‘Why not? Where is it?’. It stretches the more able pupils and supports the less able. It’s good for children taking ownership of their own learning. Whittington Primary School, Staffordshire

The whole of the school has found it to be a fantastic resource! It has been of particular help when catering for the gifted and talented children allowing them to work on activities independently and ensure we are giving them challenge in an appropriate way. Staunton-on-Wye Primary School, Herefordshire

MyMaths in action

Cumnor Primary School

Diane Axford from Cumnor Primary School talks through why parents and students love MyMaths and how it’s used across her school.

Children are enjoying doing their homework. Our Lady’s Catholic Primary

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Secondary schools

I have not come across any other maths homework system where students would voluntarily come in at lunchtime, to not only do their online homework, but in many cases redo tasks in order to achieve better results. Ian Hover, Moulton School

I find it easy to promote the use of MyMaths to our teachers and students. The subscription represents incredible value for money. MyMaths helps us maintain our 70% plus success rate for GCSE resit. Max Caley, Longley Park School

MyMaths has transformed both the way we teach and the way we assess, but most of all it has transformed the way students learn – all three for the better. Mr Froggatt, Oaks Park School

MyMaths is especially useful with GCSE revision classes where different students in the same group are revising different topics and taking responsibility for their own revision. MyMaths seems to be taking over world. Are there any schools not using it? David Payne, St Anne's Catholic School

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