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GCSE content update

Aug 28, 2015

We have now made the last of our current GCSE content updates to MyMaths, meaning that MyMaths can fully support you and your students through the new curriculum. The following lessons and homeworks are now available: Number We have added...

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Assessment Manager Update

Aug 20, 2015

We have made an update to the Assessment Manager to simplify the process of transferring students from one class to another. You can now move or copy students to a new or existing class from any level within the Administration...

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Scheduled updates

Aug 19, 2015

We will be making improvements to the Administration section of the Assessment Manager to enable you to more easily transfer your students to different classes. We will be making these changes between 8am-9am on Thursday 20th August. As a result,...

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Further GCSE update

Jul 14, 2015

Following the addition of some new GCSE lessons and homework tasks last week, we will be making further content updates to MyMaths on Thursday 16th July. You will be able to see all of the new and updated resources below...

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GCSE update

Jul 8, 2015

To further our coverage of the new GCSE curriculum, we will be releasing the lessons and homeworks below on Thursday 9th July. Functions 1 Considering functions as equations with inputs and outputs, graphs of functions from tables and introduction to...

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